Cruising tips for solo travelers

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Sometimes romance is about the destination.


A few tips to help you enjoy a cruise to your dream destinations – solo!

Whether you want to experience blissful Caribbean islands or watch the sun set over the Adriatic Sea, cruise by castles built by age-old kings or float Cleopatra-style down the Nile, seeking out beautiful, romantic destinations can just as easily be done as a solo traveler as a it can for a couple.

And… while some people assume cruising is only for couples, families or large groups, the fact is, solo cruising is actually more fun that you think, because cruise ships are giant buffets of fun.  And it’s so easy to make like-minded friends if you want company.

Whatever you want to do—from active pursuits such as rock climbing, ice skating and hitting the gym, to taking a photography class or attending a wine tasting, to relaxing poolside with a loaded Kindle—you can easily do it onboard a cruise ship, all while experiencing the romance of stunning destinations and fascinating cultures.

If you’re thinking of embarking solo, keeps these tips in mind to ensure your voyage is fun.

Choose the Right Ship
Contrary to popular belief, there’s a right and a wrong ship for just about everyone. Some people prefer the larger ships—where there’s more onboard activities, and it’s easier to blend in with the crowd. Other solo journeyers may opt for something a little more intimate, like a boutique cruise ship or river cruise, to mingle with fellow guests and make new lifelong connections.

Make Friends with the Staff
This is a universal rule for any type of cruiser, but it becomes imperative when you’re sailing alone. The staff can become go-to confidants when it comes to choosing seat mates at dinner, signing up for excursions and choosing the most fun nightlife options. Plus, they often know the best places in each destination to go out, giving you a great option when exploring the local nightlife.  Ask them about special singles get togethers on-board, either arranged by staff or informal ones.

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Sign up for Excursions
The best ways to throw yourself into a new friendship is by signing up for the ship’s excursions. These portside adventures break interested parties into manageable groups of 10 – 50 passengers who all share the common interest of the excursion, be it a nature hike or catamaran cruise. Small groups plus common interests creates easy and fun conversations.

Participate in Onboard Activities
Show the world how fun you are by singing karaoke during talent night or taking part in a poolside contest. Being front and center can be a lifesaver if you’re trying to make friends. Plus, getting on stage will put you in the good graces of the staff and will make it much easier for other passengers to recognize you later to chat.

Let us Help You Save
In the past, solo cruisers were required to pay a “single supplement” that can almost double the cost of the fare. Now there are ways for solo travelers to avoid the single supplement, including booking a stateroom designed for single occupancy or cruising on specific departures where the single supplement has been decreased or even waived altogether.

Let us match your cruise interests with departures offering solo traveler savings.  Contact us here!

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