Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions are below:

How far in advance should we start planning our honeymoon?

The farther ahead you begin planning your honeymoon, the better. At least eight months in advance is suggested, as many of the most popular and luxurious accommodations book up well in advance.  Most of our clients book their honeymoons ten to twelve months ahead of time.

For many destinations, once you decide where you are going you can put a deposit down and pay the balance in installments, if you wish.

What if we can’t decide where to go?

There are so many wonderful choices so it can be difficult to choose one! Not to worry – we will work with you to narrow down your choices to the one best suited to your budget, needs and desires.

How much will our honeymoon cost?

Every honeymoon is customized to your needs, and thus pricing will vary depending on several factors such as length of stay, accommodations, and destinations, whether you choose an all-inclusive stay, a cruise or tour, or independent travel.

What makes Journeys Near and Far, LLC different from other honeymoon specialists?

What separates Journeys Near and Far, LLC from other leading honeymoon specialists is that we are built on the foundation of three core principals, which include personalized and impeccable customer service, first-class tourism services, and giving back to the community. Together, these three principals define the philosophy behind Journeys Near and Far, LLC.

We pride ourselves on our strict attention to detail and ability to go above and beyond for all clients.  We take great measures to ensure that clients receive a luxurious and unforgettable honeymoon that is completely tailored to their exact needs and preferences.

We work closely with each and every client by listening to their unique desires and needs and incorporating them into a Honeymoon itinerary that fits perfectly with their budget, time frame, and travel tastes.

In an effort to help give back to the destinations we work with and the environment, Journeys Near and Far, LLC makes every effort to work with and utilize accommodations, tour operators and organizations that support sustainable tourism initiatives and business practices. This ensures that our clients experience first-class accommodations and tours while directly supporting the local economy and environment in which they are visiting.

Above Image:  Couple’s Swept Away, Negril, Jamaica / Courtesy of Couple’s Resorts