Group Travel

If you are planning a group travel event like a wedding, meeting, reunion, or a social event, you need to look at the advantages of booking as a group… there are many!

So what exactly is group travel?

Ten or more people is usually considered a group by most travel suppliers and organizations. While the exact numbers differ depending on the cruise line, hotel or airline, cruises often consider you a group if you take up eight staterooms, hotels often consider you a group if you take up ten or more rooms, and airlines may require twenty travelers on the same flight to be considered a group.

Who travels together?

Sometimes a group is formed by members of a family (family reunion), or by a common interest (travelers with a hobby in common).  Here are more reasons:

  • A destination wedding
  • A bachelor or bachelorette party
  • Babymoons, familymoons, or vow renewals
  • Girls getaways
  • A conference, retreat or corporate event
  • Associations
  • Group cruises
  • An escorted tour based on a common interest, such as:
    • Nature
    • Wine
    • History or archaeology
    • Food or music
    • Writing
    • Yoga
    • Knitting
  • Church or religious groups
  • Reunions
  • Student groups
  • Fraternal groups

What kind of perks are offered when traveling as a group?

The kind of perks you will receive will be very dependent on the kind of group you are.

For destination weddings, for example, you may get free shuttle service for your entire group to and from the airport, or free bridal suites, express check in, or welcome gifts.

Most meetings will get discounted meeting room rental rates or food prices. Other perks can be free wifi for their corporate guests, or even free breakfast.

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