10 awesome travel apps you’ll want for your honeymoon

Smartphone - CC0 unsplash.com

Smartphone – CC0 unsplash.com

Are you looking for some good ways to put your smartphone to use during your honeymoon? Search no further!  Here are 10 of the best travel apps, and you’ll actually want to use these!

Airline apps

I always recommend you download the app for the airline you’re flying on.  It will give you up-to-the-minute information on delays and schedule changes, and the ability to check in for your flight.  The latter is especially helpful on your return, when you may be at a resort or on a cruise where you may not have access to a computer or WiFi.

Packing Pro

This is a must-have travel app for people that are obsessed with packing.  You can create lists or use templates they have already created; they also have sample packing lists for your reference.

You can also import or export lists, share lists among devices, print your lists, email your lists, and more. It’s completely customizable.

Free. quinnscape.com/PackingPro.asp

App in the Air

This is a straightforward flight tracking app that has the best coverage of airlines and airports. Even if you don’t have WiFi, it will keep you updated about flight status and help you to manage your time at the airport.  It breaks your flight down into four stages – check in, boarding, take off and landing.  Highly recommended!  And it works in conjunction with TripIt, below.

Free. appintheair.mobi


Tripit pulls together travel information from your confirmation emails for flights, hotels, rental cars, and even events bookings, then converts the information into a single itinerary.  All you have to do is forward your confirmation emails to the app and it will do the rest. And your travel plans can be shared with your new spouse, so that you only have to create the itinerary once.

Free, iOS and Android, tripit.com


I’m sure you’ve heard the latest news that TSA security lines are getting longer. This app allows you to keep an eye on security line wait times and airport delays.  How great is that? You can also post wait times to help other travelers!

The app’s “Can I bring?” section allows you to type in a question and get a response. It’s so information-packed it’s sure to make your airport time go smoothly.

Free.  iOS and Android

XE Currency

This popular app is the go-to-site for currency conversions on the web, most useful for travelers because it can convert every world currency. It also functions offline by saving the last updated rates, which is a real plus if you’re in a place with limited connectivity. If you’re honeymooning overseas, you’ll want to download this before you go.

Free, iOS and Android, xe.com


I’m a huge fan of learning a little of the language of the country you are visiting.  More than 70 million other people who have registered with Duolingo must be, too.  This free language learning app, while not a replacement for a real language course, is a fun way to get the basics, or to stay fresh on grammar and vocabulary before a trip abroad.

Free, iOS and Android, duolingo.com

Google Translate

Speaking of languages, Google Translate is a fabulous free app that will translate about 103 languages. You can speak, type, write, or use your camera to take pictures and the app will respond in the target language.  Pretty amazing. And one of the cool features is that it will translate 52 languages offline when you have no internet.  Don’t leave home without it – it’s an essential tool for a stress-free trip.


CityMapper is available in about 30 cities worldwide. It offers more detailed travel planning information than Google, with real-time departures and disruption alerts, and even integrates with Uber.  If you’re traveling to one of the destinations it covers I recommend downloading it for a smoother journey.

Free.  iOS and Android.


Since your honeymoon is such a special occasion, you’ll want to journal it, won’t you?  This app makes it easy, tracking you as you go by marking a red line along a map on the exact route you take, creating a digital journal of your travels.  You can look back on your trips on an interactive map, as well as add pictures, video, audio and text along the way.

Free. iOS and Android, livetrekker.com

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